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[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2014/07/10

Leibao #1
Quick! (Come and) see what cute little thing I managed to film, I really feel like bringing (it) home for Baobao to play with!!

Goo #1
一直覺得很幸運很幸運才能加入這間公司,公司對音樂的理念,對創作的尊重,也都是我很尊敬與佩服的地方,這次未來趴 的進場方式的確比較特別,但不代表不需要直接購票而看見的表演就沒價值,第一場未來趴的慢慢說樂團與來吧!焙焙!都是台灣很棒的樂團!台灣的音樂形態其實很多元,不同風格不同理念不同的呈現與不同對藝術的態度,這都是平常沒機會看到的,所以歡迎大家在週三的時候可以抽空來犀利未來趴聽聽來自台灣不同的聲音

正好在下也會幫朋友的樂團greeneyes 擔任鼓手 助陣演出, 7/16 如果沒什麼太重要的事..來吧~聽聽音樂吧 不會讓你失望的^^

I've always felt really, really fortunate to be able to join this company (B'in Music), (as) the company's philosophy towards music (and) respect towards (music) production are areas that I respect and admire. This (Super Slippa's) "Future party" has a rather unique method for entry, but it doesn't mean that these concerts have no value just because you don't need to buy tickets for them. (The bands performing for) the first "Future party"- murmurshow* and  Come on! Baybay!* - are both outstanding bands in Taiwan! Taiwan's music scene is actually very diverse, (with) different styles, different ideas, different presentation and different attitudes towards the arts. This (diversity) is not something that you would see normally, so (I) welcome everyone to take some time out on Wednesday to come for these "Future party"s, and listen to the different voices from Taiwan.

I will also be taking on the role of the drummer for my friend's band "greeneyes" (and I'll be) helping in (their) performance, so if you don't have any important appoinmtments on 7/16.. Come on~ (and) listen to some music, (we) won't disappoint you^^

t/n: murmurshow* and Come on! Baybay!* are band names.

MP #1
7/12 (六)2030基隆航海節 @大武崙澳沙灘

[This week's schedule]
7/12 (Sat) 2030 Keelung Maritime Festival @ Dawulun Beach
See you at Keelung! Just saying that Keelung's Miaokou 
(lit. temple entrance) is very tempting~

t/n: Keelung Miaokou is a famous night market and tourist spot in Taiwan.

MP #2
MP魔幻力量凱開: 賴小屁聽新專輯混音也太專心了吧!我也要加緊努力繼續混音囉,GO!!!
MP Magic Power Kai Kai: Lai Xiaopi is a little too focused on listening to the album being mixed, huh! I too, need to put in more effort as I continue mixing, GO!!!

Translated by i-MPF 

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