Saturday, 21 March 2015

[IG] MP's Instagram Update 2015/03/14

Ga #1

Happy Stupid* Valentine's Day, how's this⋯ Is it stupid* enough!!
(Tainan is so hot⋯⋯⋯ taking off

t/n: *14 March is typically "White Day" in Korea, Japan & Taiwan, where guys will give presents to girls. The phrase is supposed to be 白色情人節 (lit. white colour valentine's day), but Ga did a wordplay on "白" & subbed in "白目", which is a term to describe someone who's a little slow/stupid. At the same time, when taken literally, 白目 is "white eye", i.e. the whites of your eyeballs, which is reflected in Ga's pose in the picture above showing the whites of his eyes & asking the question if he looked stupid enough/showed enough of the white parts of his eyes.

Xiang #1
我們都是一家人之好溫馨的畫面呀!祝你們情人節快樂喲!#mp魔幻力量 #樂茶棧
We're all a family; (this is) such a heartwarming scene! Wishing you guys a Happy Valentine's Day (White Day)! #magicpower #letea

Translated by i-MPF 

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