Sunday, 22 March 2015

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2015/03/14

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Goo #1
Shaky-shaky fun* tomorrow~ Goodnight

t/n: *搖搖樂 is the name of an app, but Goo's using the "樂" in the phrase as a wordplay for the leTea event they had on 3/14, as leTea's Chinese name (樂茶棧) has the word "樂" in it. Plus, when making the drinks leTea sells (bubble tea), one would have to shake the drink to mix it.

Goo #2

There's been a constant (stream) of people asking me what's hidden in my cap these past few days⋯ I'll make an exception today & let you guys take a closer look. Happy White Day. Goodnight

MP #1
Thank you to the students from Cheng Kung University~ Remember to leave a comment if you spot yourself!! And also, see you guys at Tainan tomorrow!

MP #2
翔:榜上榜後台準備中,等等就要上台live了喲!快鎖定TVBS歡樂台!然後投票給Cindy的Come to Mami哦!

Xiang: In the midst of getting ready backstage at the Global Chinese Music (Chart Show), we'll be appearing live in a while! Hurry up & stay tuned to TVBS Entertainment Channel! Also, do vote for Cindy's "Come to Mami"!

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Leibao #1
It seems like there were some people who signed up for the (Global Chinese Music) Chart Show (filming) but didn't turn up for it!!!

Kai #1
(We'll be performing) Live on TVBS Entertainment Channel. Wishing everyone a Happy White Day

Translated by i-MPF 

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