Friday, 25 September 2015

[IG] MP's Instagram Updates 2015/09/23

Leibao #1
The next time we meet will be at the concert!! #Hongkong

Leibao #2
浴室的布簾掉下來了,看來今天洗澡會看光光了!!#成都 #等等可能會互相偷拍誰想看 #我是破壞王

The shower curtains in the bathroom have dropped down, looks like we'll [both] get to see everything when we're bathing today!! #Chengdu #who-wants-to-take-a-look-if-we-secretly-take-pictures-of-each-other-later-on #I'm-the-king-of-destroying-things

Ga #1
我盤旋在愛裡沸騰~ (接)

I am a trapeze artist of love~
I'm spiralling in the effervescence of love~ (Continue on)

t/n: * This is from the lyrics of 空中飛人 / Trapeze Artist. Check out our translation of the lyrics HERE. However, MP often uses the phrase "空中飛人" according to its literal meaning to refer to their jet-setting lifestyle of constantly flying to different countries.

Ga #2
Journeys can be exhausting sometimes, but are worth it.

Goo #1
@chrisbrownofficial #zero

I noticed that a new MV had been revealed the moment I got off the airplane when we reached Chengdu & was extremely excited! I'd be letting myself down if I didn't secretly record a dance cover of it! @buzz_uchi Old Nei*, I'm becoming independent^!
@chrisbrownofficial #zero

t/n: *Goo's dance teacher goes by the name of 內(nèi) in Chinese. It's common to call your friends "Old-something" in Chinese, the "something" being a character from their name, hence "Old Nei" here.

^The phrase literally means "My wings are hardening" and is a Chinese metaphor for a person who's becoming independent (or rebellious :P), where they're able to "fly" by themselves when their wings are hardened.

Translated by i-MPF

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