Wednesday, 16 September 2015

[IG] MP's Instagram Updates 2015/09/14

Goo #1
@stayreal_official 這件有點狠!
@stayreal_official This piece is pretty rad!

Goo #2
誰能幫我把它畫成日系漫畫風格的圖,我拿來當IG頭像。hash tag #GBOYSWAG 我來挑。big thx

Is anyone able to help me draw this as a Japanese manga style drawing, I wanna use it as my IG profile picture. hash tag #GBOYSWAG I'll take my pick. big thx

Goo #3
You guys really are deep blue*

t/n: The actual caption should be "你們真是深藏不露", which means "You guys truly are hidden talents", in relation to his request for drawings. So, Goo did a pronunciation wordplay, changing 不露(bù lù) to blue.

Xiang #1
晚上10:00!#mp魔幻力量 #kkbox
10:00pm!* #magicpower #kkbox

t/n: *The timing was to notify fans that he'd be going on KKBOX at 10pm that night to listen to songs (of which fans could listen along with him).

Translated by i-MPF

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