Saturday, 26 September 2015

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2015/09/24

MP #1
Xiang: We'll be holding a campus concert at Sichuan University's Jincheng College tomorrow! Goodnight then!

Kai #1
It's not too much to eat like this at lunch, right? Burp!

Goo #1
Help me...plz...

t/n: The original post shared had the caption:
[The video] that was supposed to premiere at 9pm on the ShowBiz official channel [on Youtube]
Will be postponed for half an hour because Variety Hot Door was not willing to give up their airing time
So everyone please wait for a while more~~~
(Actually it's because this little reporter wasn't fast enough... pfft)

MP #2

Magic Power Kaikai:
As long as the six of us are on a stage, the desire to conquer the stage will never change.
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Kai #2
B l u e

Goo #2

Haha!! I'm here in Chengdu laughing till my stomach is hurting (lit. bursting)!! The [ShowBiz] reporter is still laboriously working over time at such a late timing so that everyone can watch more of MP; hurry up and leave a comment to root for the little reporter! Jiayou, little reporter! Jiayou, little reporter!

t/n: The original post shared had the caption:
My goodness~~ If you don't see [the video] before 10:30pm! This little reporter will.....

Goo #3




The one or two minutes of excitement that you probably saw, was in fact the result of my nonstop brainstorming for days and nights.
My life is really very simple. It might not be worth it to talk to me about relationship gossip, but if we were to discuss about music or talk about performing, I could go on for days. Compared to many others, I'm definitely a novice at song writing. I'm not a genius, I just work extremely hard. I'm also not afraid of letting you see any of my flaws, because that's just me, a normal human full of imperfections.
If I have any breakthroughs in future, trust me.
It’s all because of you! Because of your trust in me, as long as you believe that I can do it, I'll definitely put in my upmost effort to complete it.

It was really heartwarming just now. Thank you, little reporter, for inadvertently recording our chat.

There'll always be an angel by your side; you'll be able to see it if you close your eyes.


Translated by i-MPF

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