Tuesday, 22 September 2015

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2015/09/21

MP #1
11/6 新加坡全球榜頒獎典禮見喔!謝謝大家的支持~
See you at the 11/6 Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony in Singapore! Thank you everyone for your support~

t/n: The original post shared had the caption:
#‎GCMA‬ Magic Power has confirmed their attendance at the November 6th Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony! The list of attending celebrities will gradually be released, so hurry over to SISTIC to get your tickets now! toggle.sg/gcma

Goo #1

Ah! What on earth did I say, I don't have any recollection of it!!
I won't be in Taiwan on Thursday then, so why don't you guys romantically help me to tune in to ShowBiz, and then romantically tell me, just what sort of nonsensical stuff I said⋯ Having lost my memory [about this], I'm a little nervous and shy⋯

Kai #1
S m i l e :)

MP #2

開票日期:9/1 (Tue.)
演唱會日期:10/24 (Sat.)
演唱會地點:香港九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星STAR HALL
票價:HK$680(VIP) / HK$480/HK$380/HK$280

Magic Power Leibao: We set off at 5am this morning to go to Hong Kong to work hard on promoting our concert; we still need to be very energetic!!
Has everyone bought their tickets yet?

Concert Information
Date Ticket Sales Start: 9/1 (Tue.)
Concert Date: 10/24 (Sat.)
Concert [Starting] Time: 8pm
Concert Venue: KITEC STAR HALL, Hong Kong
Ticket prices: HK$680 (VIP) / HK$480/HK$380/HK$280
Head over to the ticketing website now: www.hkticketing.com
Click through the cut for more!

Goo #2

I never pull the covers out whenever I stay at a hotel. I'll crawl in slowly from the top of the bed & when I wake up, I'll climb out again; it's so fun like a sleeping bag.
I'm very tired, I'll lie down first.
Good night

MP #3
相信只要看過一次MP的演唱會,一定會愛上MP的努力認真感染力和音樂!10/24 讓我們一起捍衛我們的主場-香港站吧!絕對不會讓香港的MPF失望的!

Refer to MP#2 for the concert details

I believe that as long as you've been to one of MP's concerts, you'll definitely fall in love with MP's hardworking & conscientious appeal and music! Let's defend Our Home Ground together at the Hong Kong stop on 10/24! We certainly won't disappoint our Hong Kong MPFs!

Refer to MP#2 for the concert details

Translated by i-MPF

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