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[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2015/11/09

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Goo #1
36hrs 預備
Getting ready for 36hrs [of filming]

MP #1
#acer #predator

Entering the 34th hour of advertisment filming~ We ourselves are looking forward to the end product as well!! Jiayou
#acer #predator

Remember to turn on the subs in the video when you watch it

Goo #2
The conversation between Idol Complex after 30 consecutive hours of filming.

t/n: As a joke, Kai & Goo formed a "group" called "Idol Complex", Goo being the "Idol" and Kai being the "Complex" (the word for complex, 包袱, can also mean "burden" or "baggage").

Leibao #1
We were blasted by fire yesterday morning & frozen by ice in the middle of the night, so what else will there be in store for us later on? #reaching-30-hours-of-not-sleeping-to-film-a-commercial-soon
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Goo #3
What sort of a situation is this now

t/n: The link shared was an article on the highlights of MP's commercial film shoot that would later be featured in the video below. Of note is the title, which says "MP separates into 2 groups in private? Kaikai generously shows off his 「hidden」 abs"

Goo #4
完了!我想投給 好小宗哈哈
Oh no! I want to vote for Hao Xiao Zong haha

Goo #5


晚安,好小宗 完全娛樂 ShowBiz帥奕小君君。

I found this whilst arranging the photos in my phone before I went to sleep⋯ Okay, it's a little cute. I was really touched that they still came to visit MP on-set at around 3 or 4 am. Even though they didn't bring any food and beverages, and also kept getting chased around by the directors, and kept complaining that it was cold, and even kept secretly smelling some foreign athlete's⋯.
But you guys are still very cute!
Thanks to you guys, we were able to end work.
MP still loves you!

Let's sleep early together today.

Goodnight, Hao Xiao Zong, ShowBiz's good-looking Yi & Xiao Jun Jun.

MP #2

Bao: Having undergone 36 hours of almost nonstop filming for a commercial, it's been hard on all the staff members on set. I believe everyone's as excited as us for this commercial and its products, and it has also proved that we are all still relatively young to be able to get through this filming mission!

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Leibao #2

I got spot-checked on my way home & when the policeman uncle saw me, his first sentence was:「Mm~
Are you male or female?」And then his second sentence was:「Mm~ Are you 18 yet?」

Translated by i-MPF

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