Sunday, 8 November 2015

[ENG SUB] Magic Power 魔幻力量 - 未來就是現在 Lonely Rock Star (英文字幕)

i-MPF readers, it's been a while!
We've been really busy with work and school, so we haven't really been in the headspace to work on the site. Apologies for that :( We hope you guys haven't given up on us yet, cause we'll be back sooner than you think, with translated posts that start from 1 Nov!!! :) :)

For now, here's the English-subbed video of MP's "未來就是現在 / Lonely Rock Star" (lit. The Future Is Now)! Hope you enjoy watching it! :)

As usual, please do not re-upload the video~ This is our hard work, so please respect what we do! :) But if you do like the video, a thumbs-up would certainly be greatly appreciated! ;)

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