Tuesday, 19 January 2016

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/08

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Goo #1

[For] me, a second night to continue writing lyrics.
[For] you, goodnight.

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MP #1
在黑洞之后,變成彩虹;在絢爛之后, 感谢傷口。






After the black hole, comes a rainbow; when [life becomes] beautiful, [I'm] thankful for the wounds*

It's been six years, six people, putting in six out of six parts
(i.e. 100%) of effort to strive for our dreams together. Getting back up together after each & every setback, working together step by step to build up our strength! Together, transforming from MP (i.e. just a group) to MPFamily [where everyone is] 「a family member for a day, a family member for life」.

We believe that nobody could be sadder about today's decision to have Ga Ga leave the group than our MPFamily: there's nothing that can be exchanged for the magic that we've created together in these six years. Even if there's only five-sixths of us left on stage at Our Home Ground today; even if there'll be even more bumps along the way in future, but a family member will always & forever be a family member, a brother will always & forever be a brother! We must never ever forget: what has been the force that has enabled us to keep working hard & sustaining through everything?!

Even if things will become tougher in future, we can only learn to grow up, learn to be responsible, learn to work harder & be better. We can only grit our teeth tightly & put in even more effort, to recover our very first starting point and our very last bit of strength -- our faith in and passion for music.

May music give us strength!
May the force be with MPFamily!!

Magic Power
May MPFs encourage each other 2016/01/08

t/n: *These are lyrics taken from MP's song "彩虹黑洞 / Rainbow Black Hole". Click the link to read the full description of the lyrics to understand the context. Our original translation was modified to fit the context better here.

Kai #1

t/n: Click the link for the translated lyrics to "時間倒轉 / Going Back In Time".

Translated by i-MPF

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