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[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/13

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Leibao #1

Before leaving the house, while reaching for the curling iron, I accidentally grabbed the hottest part. As a result, my hand was tragically burnt & blisters formed. Upon reaching the office, I found Kaikai using an ice compress - turns out he accidentally hurt his hand while closing the door and it swelled up. And then, I also realised that there was a bandage wrapped around Goo's hand, which was due to him practicing dancing until his hand became inflamed.. Seems like everyone's hand is having a bad day today.

t/n: In response to a comment about being unable to play baseball now, Leibao left a comment on the post saying:
I'll set off once I take my painkillers

MP #1
感謝完全娛樂 ShowBiz、也謝謝所有 ‪#‎MPF‬ 這麼多年來的支持與情義相挺,陪著我們一起經歷過這麼多風風雨雨!



We're thankful to ShowBiz, and we'd also like to thank all of our ‪#‎MPF‬ for your support and friendship over all these years, accompanying us as we went through our many ups and downs!

「Regardless of the challenges to be encountered in future, we'll always be accompanying you guys all the way!」

We hope that everyone will be able to make it for the Taipei Arena [performance] on 1/24 to give us your loudest applause!
Goo also posted this image with the caption:
Goo #1
I won't cry, I'll hold it in.
Leibao also posted this image with the caption:
Leibao #2
Thank you ShowBiz!! (Feeling thankful whilst lying on the bed with a burn injury as well as a cold...)
Two more posts below the cut~!

Goo #2


Been looking through old photos recently.


Kai #1



更多詳細資訊可以上華山基金會網站查詢,或是聯絡 愛心專線:05-5379915楊小姐



讓長輩們每個冬天都能 ~ 免驚寒

The weather is progressively getting colder, and the [celebratory] atmosphere for the Chinese New Year is progressively getting thicker.

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation is providing sponsorships for New Year's meals to help the elderly. Each set costs $600 & I hope everyone will be able to do some charity together

MP has always hoped that MPFs will not spend money on buying gifts for us, [but instead] we hope that everyone will be more charitable and help those in need.

You can look up Huashan Social Welfare Foundation's website for even more details, or you can dial the charity hotline: 05-5379915 Ms. Yang

After reading this post, we hope that everyone will all share this post


Inviting you to come together in caring for the vulnerable elderly
Sponsorship Project: 15000/person, sponsoring an elderly with a year's worth of service provisions and one New Year's meal set
To enable our seniors to be able to ~ fend off the cold weather every winter
One New Year's meal set costs $600
Not only will it warm up the hearts of the elderly
It will also take care of the elderly's stomachs
Your charitable heart is more powerful than you think it is
We can all become an angel in another person's heart
Charity hotline: 05-5379915 Ms. Yang
Postal giro transferring account: 22573817 Account name: Huashan Social Welfare Foundation
For enquiries, please contact: Year 105* New Year's Meal Love Reunion…

t/n: Kai left several comments on the post:
1: Everyone can chip in money with a few friends to donate together
2: Has everyone shared this???? Have you found a few friends to chip in together yet~~ Hurry & find more people to do charity together~~
3: Most importantly, do it within your limits!

*Taiwan uses the Minguo calendar, so 2016 is Year 105 for them~

Translated by i-MPF

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