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[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/02

Goo #2
Mum! You can watch this if you miss me too much!
MP also shared the same image with the caption:
MP #2
今天是偶像之夜啊~我們是偶像? (偶像包袱:當然啊!)花蓮等等見!沒能到的可以看轉播喔~

Tonight is the "Idols' Night"*~ Are we idols? (Idol Complex: Of course!) See you at Hualien later on! Those who can't make it there can watch the livestream~

t/n: Or, you can just watch the video from this link~!
*This was the theme for the concert that night. The other themes included "Countdown Night" and "Rock Night" for the other 2 days.

MP #1
GaGa: heading to Hualian

Ga: New Year's at Hualien, setting off
GaGa: heading to Hualian

No image posted
Leibao #1
AhXiang's dream girl!!!!!! (At Hualien Chi Hsing Tan Beach)

t/n: Leibao commented on the post with a link of the video embedded below at MP #3, mentioning that the action starts at 3:30 ;)
More posts under this cut~

Goo #3

It was really fun in Hualien today! I was able to feel the unity of everyone in the audience (lit. below the stage) & those on stage dancing and singing along together! Who cares about the rain, if we're gonna be drenched, we'll all get drenched together! I'm very happy!

Kai #1
謝謝今天一起來花蓮觀光節的朋友們,每年的花蓮行都好開心,翔哥對於花蓮七星潭有一份濃濃的情緣,好令人羨慕~大家要不要再一起來花蓮玩呀? @mp 魔幻力量阿翔

Thank you to all the friends who came to watch us at the Hualien Tourism Festival today; I'm always very happy during our yearly Hualien trips. Xiang Ge has a deep affection for Hualien's Chi Hsing Tan Beach, it really makes one envious of him~ Do you guys want to come back to Hualien to have fun again? @magicpowerAhXiang

t/n: Kai commented on the post with "Aren't the hearts and blusher on the photo very cute?"

MP #3

Xiang: Thank you to Hualien for your enthusiasm and the support of your mayor all these years, enabling MP to go from being the show-openers (lit. warm-up to the show) to the  finale act! We had a very good time today; to everyone who was drenched in the rain, remember to stay warm; don't catch a cold! Wishing everyone happiness in the new year!

No image posted
Goo #1

I learnt a lot in 2015, the more difficult life gets, the more I can grow.
Facing everyone's disappointed expressions, every heartbreaking comment, we continued working as a five member MP to spread our music. I wasn't able to complain, for almost the entire year, because what would happen if even I myself were to fall.
I started to have to take on more responsibilities, I even started to write for others
(lit. everyone), instead of writing lyrics for myself.
I started to learn how to produce my own songs for other [singers].
I admit it's been hard, I barely slept & it was extremely stressful, but I'm really very happy.
Being needed is quite a happy thing.
Don't carelessly give up on yourself.
There's only one person in this world with the rights and ability to give up on you, and that's you yourself.
You have to pave out your own route. If you meet a dead end, at the most, you'll just have to spend more time making a detour to find a new path to walk on.
You can relax but do not ever overindulge [yourself], if not, you'll need to spend even more time tidying up your mess.
I'll continue working harder in 2016
Everyone please follow me
See you in Hualien tomorrow.

Translated by i-MPF

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