Friday, 11 March 2016

Thank You

Dear i-MPF readers,

It's been quite the journey, hasn't it? I sincerely thank every single one of you who has stopped by our site since it opened on 24 June 2014. ♥ At the same time, I'm sorry that i-MPF hasn't been as good a fan site as it should be, with constant pauses and sudden hiatuses and delayed postings. :(

As the chief editor of the site, I bow my head humbly in apology. It's my fault because I'm very slow with editing the posts. I have had 4 friends who have helped me tremendously with this site for different amounts of time, doing different tasks and I wouldn't have had the courage to pull off this crazy idea if it weren't for them and their help - to which, I'm extremely thankful to them for. ♥

However, all of us are getting busier with our various tasks (at work/school) and it's hard to juggle our real-world responsibilities with updating this blog. :( As such, even though I don't really want to say this, I have no choice but to announce that i-MPF will basically be shutting down after I have completed the posts for February.

It's not that we'll disappear completely, but we won't be continuing with all the daily posts after 29 Feb, because doing so takes up a lot of time, unfortunately. We will however, post updates when there's important information, such as an album or DVD release, and we'll also still translate the lyrics of any new MP songs, because we still want international MPFs to be able to know what MP's singing about~ :)

Once again, I thank you all for your support. ♥ This blog has blessed me in many ways, and I'm sad to have to sort-of say goodbye to it.

Do keep checking back for updates in future though! There's still the posts from February to look out for and who knows when MP will be releasing new stuff!! :) You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive notifications when we post updates! :)

Before I sign off, here's a picture of the postcard MP gave out during their 2015 Christmas Shanghai "Our Home Ground" concert as well as the translations for the messages~ (Click to enlarge)

♥ A.

PS: If you guys have any specific translation requests, you can drop us an email at :) We'll be happy to help! :)

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