Wednesday, 9 March 2016

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/27

Kai #1

As MP's leader, it's a must to have a seal of "Magic Power".
I think it's really cool!

t/n: Kai left several comments on the post:
1: I can use this to sign autographs? You guys should've said so earlier, then I would've made [lit. carved] a few more to give to the other members, hahaha
2: You guys are too greedy (in response to fans who said they wanted both actual signed autographs & the stamp)

Kai #2
The weather's good, so the weather at sea will be good too! Is everyone online*?

t/n: *The Chinese term for going online on KKBOX is "上船", which means "boarding the ship". Because users can listen to what other people (e.g. celebrities) are listening to, joining someone's music-listening session is like "boarding their ship", to listen to music with them.

Kai #3


I'm very seriously looking for a photo to replace [my current] profile picture, but I realised I can't find any! Can everyone please put up some good-looking pictures of me for me to change [my profile picture]? Please post them in the comments!!!

Photo courtesy of an MPF who takes [photos] very well

t/n: Kai left several comments on the post:
1: It's for my profile picture
2: If you wanna save the photos that others have posted [in the comments], remember to give a shoutout to the good person who provided the original picture!
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Goo #1
I don't have anything else but gratefulness, thank you.

t/n: The original post by ShowBiz had the caption:
Having accompanied Magic Power through these six years of ups and downs
You guys should all be unable to forget that moment for the rest of your lives, right!!!
Even if your tears can't help but to fall
You can't miss this ultra precious scene

Tonight at 6pm on Channel 30, ShowBiz
Will bring you to reminisce and reminisce
To once again listen to the Magic Power that music brought us
To once again hear the most intense screams by MPFs

No image posted.
Leibao #1
don't worry be happy!!☺☺

MP #1
來了來了...再次感謝 完全娛樂 ShowBiz!!!
也謝謝所有 ‪#‎MPF‬ 1/24 給了MP最大的支持與鼓勵,讓收視率整個破表~

MPF we love you all!!!

It's here, it's here... Once again, we're thankful to ShowBiz!!!
And we'd also like to thank all the ‪#‎MPF‬s for giving your utmost support and encouragement to MP on 1/24 & for completely shattering the viewership ratings records~
You guys are really too amazing (spilling tears~~)

MPF we love you all!!!

Translated by i-MPF

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