Friday, 11 March 2016

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/29

Kai #1
Thanks ‪#‎underpeace‬

Received a gift when I got home
Thanks ‪#‎underpeace

Kai #2


Why does this have a "doors wide open" sort of feeling... Tsk~

[deliberate typo] (Not funny)

t/n: The original caption of post shared from Hao Xiao Zong said:
Our dear leader has been very busy lately, so busy that he's got no time to eat
But I won't let you become any skinnier - you're cuter when you've got some fat
Eating, what, lettuce salads and all?! Such a silly head [dialect]

Some of the comments Kai left on the post include:
1: The most relevant [comment] of the day~ [in response to a comment on him looking very skinny]

2: I've got everything except money~ (just kidding) [in response to a comment saying he needs to pay up if he wants someone to wash his shoe]

3: I'll take your word for it, you've gotta follow through! (just kidding) [in response to a comment saying "I'm willing to go to your house to wash your clothes & shoes"]

4: It's cause I'm good-looking~ Keke [in response to a comment saying the angle of the shot was good]

5: You're not number one, someone else has just made an appointment. But it's okay, I have other pairs of shoes, or instead, Magic Power Googoo has even more pairs, so you can look for him to report for work~ [in response to a comment saying "Shoe washer #1 has come to report for work"]

Kai #3

Some exercise is good, [it'll help you] sleep more comfortably at night.

t/n: *The first line rhymes in Chinese - "事" and "適" sound the same (shì).

Goo #1








I perceive myself to be an ordinary person

So when others spend one portion of effort, I have to use 10 times or 100 times the effort to complete the task.

I'm not complaining, contrary to that, I'm very happy.

Because I don't have to spend time thinking about which baskets I have to put my eggs into

For I, only have one basket.

The 15 seconds you see is the 15 hours [I put in].

Thank you for liking it.


Translated by i-MPF

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