Sunday, 21 August 2016

[ARTICLE] MP’s Final Public Activity For The Year! Appearing At Ximen On The 27th

MP’s Final Public Activity For The Year! “Would Like To Say Thank You” By Appearing At Ximen On The 27th

Reporter Wu Rui Ci / Reporting from Taipei

After spending a year collecting their thoughts, Magic Power will be holding an autograph session on the 27th at the Ximen Red House. It has already been a year since the previous autograph session, and in order to personally say 「Thank You」 to their fans, they will be returning to Ximen Red House’s NET Square to hold an event. They’ll be bringing with them their 《Magic Power Our Home Ground Concert LIVE》 USB/DVD, which has been in the making for a while, and hope to bring their fans back to 「Our Home Ground」.

“MP will be holding their final public activity of the year on the 27th.” (Picture / Provided by B’in Music)

The last autograph session that Magic Power held was on May 24, 2015. In order to have an opportunity to personally thank their fans up close, they will be returning to the Ximen Red House to hold an autograph session on the 27th. Not only will this event be the only one in the whole of Taiwan, it will also be MP’s final public activity for this year.

After the autograph session on the 27th, MP will completely immerse themselves in music production. They have already decided not to participate in any New Year’s Countdown performances, company dinners*, commercial performances etc type of activities. They have even politely declined 2 endorsement deals, despite the fact that losses could even exceed an 8 figure sum. But in order to collect their thoughts properly, focus and return to music production, this is a type of adversity that they are willing to endure. Preorders for the 《Magic Power Our Home Ground Concert LIVE》 USB/DVD have already begun.

t/n: *With the Chinese term literally meaning "tail-tooth", "company dinners" are a part of the modern Chinese culture and are typically held in Jan/Feb to celebrate the past work year & bring prosperity for the new year. Taiwanese companies usually invite artistes to perform at their dinners & MP is usually a popular choice.

Source: ETtoday
Translated by i-MPF 

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