Friday, 4 March 2016

[IG] Goo's Instagram Update 2016/01/27

Goo #1
做音樂時間都不夠用了,那還有時間管那麼多,口水戰,筆戰的有夠無聊,做音樂的是自己,創作的也是自己,最了解自己能耐的更是自己,那有人可以決定你成為誰,或是任何角色的定位,我不奢求你認識我的全部,只要相信我,我就會為你而戰。 再ㄧ次強調。為了愛你的人而奮戰才值得。但對於其他的路人甲我們還是要給他們個燦爛的笑容唷!

I don't even have enough time to make music, so how can I have the time to care about so many other things. [Those who] argue [lit. battle of the saliva, battle of the pen] are too lame. You are the one who makes the music, you are the one who creates, so the one who understands your ability the most will obviously be yourself. How can anyone else decide who you'll become, or what role you should play. I don't expect you to be able to understand everything about me - I just [need you to] believe in me, and I'll fight for you. Let me emphasise once again. It's only worth it if you fight for the ones who love you. But as for the other passers-by, we still have to give them a big, bright smile!

Translated by i-MPF

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