Sunday, 13 December 2015

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2015/11/24

Kai #1
This little fella is called「Peace」, he kissed me for a full five minutes just now, he's irresistible!

Goo #1
Good morning*

t/n: Goo made a (deliberate) typo for the phrase for "Good morning". The actual phrase should be "早安". The version he uses, "找安" literally means "looking for peace".
The link shared goes to the page for MP's interview with Oricon Style.

MP #1
你還在等什麼?趕快去下載MP的專屬 ‪#‎LINE‬ 貼圖吧!
Acer Taiwan X ‪#‎Predator‬ X ‪#‎MP魔幻力量‬

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and download MP's exclusive #LINE sticker set now!
Acer Taiwan X ‪#‎Predator‬ X ‪#‎MagicPower
Goo also shared the link to the line stickers with the caption:
Goo #2
Are you still day-dreaming
Lots more posts under the cut~!

MP #2
週末の ‪#‎ライブ‬ に向けて、MAGIC POWERからファンの皆様へ一緒に楽しむ為の動画を作りました!
皆さんこの ‪#‎振付動画‬ を見てライブに来て盛り上がりましょう!

為了週末的演唱會能夠跟所有歌迷們一起同樂,‪#‎MP魔幻力量‬ 特別錄製了 ‪#‎舞蹈教學影片‬!

Looking ahead towards the #live [concert] in the weekend, MAGIC POWER has made a video for our fans.
Please watch our #choreographyvideo and come and enjoy our live [performance]!

In order to have fun with all our fans during our concert this weekend, #MagicPower has specially recorded a #dance-tutorial for everyone!
Everyone, please watch this video and remember the steps so that we can be HIGH at the concert together!

t/n: The MP account left a comment on the post saying:
We feel that all our MPFs can also learn [these moves]!! (i.e. not just the Japanese fans) Then you can always dance along with us at every performance [in future]
Goo also shared the video with the caption:
Goo #3
Come on & move around & shake off the fats!
Leibao also shared the video with the caption:
Leibao #2
Has everyone learned it yet!!

Kai #2
(line line line, download it!)

Come* come come, hurry up and download this!
 (line line line, download it!)

t/n: *"來 (come / lái)" sounds like "line", which is the wordplay Kai's doing here.

Leibao #1
An apology that's super sincere! ‪#‎predator‬

Special thanks to T for help with the Japanese translations!

Translated by i-MPF


  1. Hi I've been wondering for a while now and every mpf I know never really know the answer, but do you know what happened to Ting, Is he serving his time in the military or did he just leave the band? I really hope you can answer this question.

    1. Hi, omg, we're so sorry for the extremely late reply!! T_T We've been forgetting to check our comments section ><

      Ting's not serving his time in the military and neither has he left the band. (He's excused from military service, if I'm not wrong) He's been taking a break from activities to spend time on writing new songs for the new album. (This was the case as well back in late 2013/early 2014 when they were working on the 4th album)

      However, recent reports state that the stress of creating new material is taking a toll on his body, which is why his break is longer this time around. :/

      Send good vibes his way, yeah~!! :) :)