Saturday, 27 February 2016

[IG] MP's Instagram Updates 2016/01/24

Leibao #1
I want to have prawns, but I can’t eat them today!! Does anyone know the reason?

t/n: The Taiwanese have a superstition whereby before a performance, performers shouldn't eat prawns because their performance may go awry as a result.

Additionally, in a comment on Facebook, Leibao said:

Annoying! Turns out everyone knows the answer

Leibao #2
剛剛完成最後六個人在一起的表演,謝謝kkbox謝謝所有MPF一路的支持跟尖叫聲,真的很喜歡六個人一起站在舞台上,一起感受任何的喜怒哀樂,今天下台時大家一起沉重的感覺老實說真的很難過,從今以後我們就剩下五個人了,希望大家會繼續支持MP,我們也會用我們最愛的音樂來奉獻給大家,大家也替嘎嘎加油希望他可以闖出一片天,你永遠是我好兄弟好朋友,加油!!#mpf #kkbox #mp魔幻力量

We've just finished our last performance together as six members. Thank you kkbox & thank you to all our MPFs for the support and cheers (lit. screams) all this while. I really, really like it when the six of us stand on stage together, going through all kinds of emotions together. When we got off the stage today, the feeling of everyone being heavy-hearted together was honestly very saddening. From today onwards, we're left with only five members. I hope that everyone will continue to support MP. We will also dedicate our music, what we love the most, to you guys [in return]. Everyone, please also cheer Gaga on - I hope that he will be able to carve out a path of his own someday. You will always be a good brother & a good friend of mine, jiayou!! #mpf #kkbox #magicpower

Xiang #1
Hello everyone, we are Magic Power! Forever!!!

Ga #1

Being able to receive [the award for] Top 10 Artists is [a result of] the hard work we put in together & the memories we share together
I will always remember the words that B'in Music would constantly remind MP with
「Music is what's the most important」!
Thank you kkbox, B'in Music, MP, as well as our MPFs who believe in music the most!!
I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life.

Translated by i-MPF

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