Saturday, 27 February 2016

[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/25

Xiang #1

This journey has been very exciting - there were happy [moments], there were sad [moments], there was laughter and of course, there were setbacks! No matter what, as long as we stepped onstage, we always gave our very best! This was so that we could bring you guys even more courage and capabilities to face the unhappy [moments] in life! Thank you all for giving us a stage to perform on, there's nothing more, but to produce (lit. use) even more good music in response to you guys! This story, is to be continued!

MP #1
謝謝昨天所有不管是在現場還是在電視機、網路前的MPFamily, 有你們在身邊支持很幸福~請繼續陪在MP身邊好嗎?

Thank you to all our MPFamily, regardless of whether you were at the venue itself yesterday or were [watching us] on television or via the internet. We're blessed to have you guys by our side supporting us~ Please continue to stay by MP's side, okay?

MP #2
MP魔幻力量雷堡: 戰神T發熱衣不夠暖,堡寶放在衣服裡最保暖!(我今天是袋鼠媽)‪#‎暖暖堡寶‬

Magic Power Leibao: [Wearing the] Fighting For Love jacket (lit. war god T) with thermal wear isn't enough to keep me warm. [I feel] the warmest when I've put Baobao inside my clothes! (I'm a kangaroo mother today) #snuggly-warm-Baobao

Translated by i-MPF

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