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[FB] MP's Facebook Updates 2016/01/22

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Goo #1

The feeling of causing others to be unable to guess through you is really good.
This is exactly the type of romantic-ness that I like.

Goo #2

I didn't get drenched, I just sang 5 songs.
Seize every single performance.
Cherish every applause.
Seize. Seize. Seize.
Cherish. Cherish. Cherish.
I heard the Master's
[i.e. Ting's] voice during rehearsal today.
Feels comfortable.

MP #1
Ga: There's nothing else [that I should care about while] on stage, I just need to go all out.
Click through for Kai's uuuber long post!

Kai #1
張媽媽流浪動物之家有常關注我的粉絲專頁或是硬搞音樂_INGO MUSIC 的大家應該都不陌生。



門一開,我這輩子都沒有辦法想像有那麼多隻的狗 全部往門口奔來
有好大隻的大黑 小花 小黃 小白 各式各樣的狗狗
還有跟狗狗一樣多到不行的......“黃金” 哈~


大家常看到賴小屁都說他很可愛很漂亮,我想其實真的不是他多可愛多漂亮,那是因為他有大家對他滿滿的愛,不管是我媽媽我弟弟 我的工作室夥伴都是,每個人都疼她愛她,這才是她可愛的原因!甚至有些人也會問他好可愛他是什麼品種? 我都會有點驕傲地說 他是米克斯,不是品種狗。


所以 張媽媽目前急需要努力湊齊買地的資金






I hope that everyone can take 12 minutes, to watch the entire video.
Those who frequently follow my fan page or INGO MUSIC's [fan page] should be familiar with Mama Zhang's House of Stray Animals.

INGO has organised [various] secondhand item charity events in these two years, so that we can help Mama Zhang, in hopes of sharing in her burden, whether it's in terms of financial aid or in [purchasing animal] feed. I'm sincerely thankful to every single person who came to our workplace to take part in the event - there were even some who did not come to buy items, [but came] saying that they simply wanted to donate and help the stray cats and dogs in their little way. We even organised a little newspaper collection event last year, and because of our MPFs' love, the newspapers [we collected] were overflowing from Mama Zhang's dog park, and were so much that Mama Zhang said that she'd be able to use them for a very, very long time.

I've been to Mama Zhang's dog park several times. Other than [going there] to send the newspapers as well as the funds we raised from the secondhand item charity events, [the visit] that left the greatest impression on me should be the day that I adopted XiaoPi.

On this day, I went up the mountain with my colleague.
When we reached the dog park, we were greeted by a few doggies that were running around outside, as well as the sound of dogs barking enthusiastically.
I've never had a dog from young, and to me, doggies were [a] strange [concept], they were unfamiliar and even [made me] a little scared
When I saw the waders
(lit. frog suit) draped by the gate, I decided to muster up my courage and go in to take a look
As the door opened, a whole group of dogs, more than I could ever imagine in my whole life, came bounding towards the door
There were really big black dogs 
(lit. big black), dogs with markings (lit. little flower), dogs with yellow fur (lit. little yellow), dogs with white fur (lit. little white); all kinds of doggies
As well as......"yellow gold" that was as abundant as the doggies. Ha~
Since I'd already put on the waders, I couldn't mess around, and of course, I had to help with some cleaning
While I was spraying water and clearing the yellow gold, the doggies also continued to gather around me
Actually, they were hoping that we could play with them & pat them.
When we were about done with the cleaning, we headed towards the Jianguo flower market, because the purpose of that trip was also to hand over the donations from everyone to Mama Zhang.
The entrance of the Jianguo flower market is also Mama Zhang's fixed spot for sending puppies and kittens to be adopted on Saturdays.
When we reached the flower market, we saw two doggies that were individually fenced up. The doggy in the first pen was a doggy that looked a lot like Lai XiaoPi when I was looking at the photographs.
Even though I made a big mistake, as the doggy in the first pen was actually placed there for adoption by another woman who ran a different dog shelter
(lit. dog-loving mum), and was not one of Mama Zhang's doggies.
But because adopting dogs requires you to be fated with the dog!! So, since the first one I spotted was Lai XiaoPi, I decided that this was fate.
I believe Mama Zhang would certainly not be upset about who I adopted [a dog] from, as we all hope that these stray dogs will be able to have someone to love them, care for them and give them warmth.
That day, other than adopting Lai XiaoPi, we also handed everybody's donations to Mama Zhang.
And just like that, I began my journey of adopting a dog, and also became a dog-daddy who is wrapped around the little finger of his dog-daughter!

Of course, from that point onwards, I've always hoped that anyone who wants to own a dog will go and adopt one, without caring about its breed & without caring about whether or not it's a "branded" pet dog.

Whenever people see Lai XiaoPi, they'll always say that she's very cute & very pretty. I don't think it's that she's actually extra cute or extra pretty, but it's because she receives a lot of love from everyone - whether it's from my Mummy or my Didi or my colleagues at the workplace - everyone takes care of her & [gives her] love, which is the reason why she's cute! There are even some people who ask me, "She's so cute, what breed is she?" I'll always reply with a hint of pride, "She's a mix breed, not a pure breed dog."

-------------------------------------After a bunch of nonsense, we enter the main topic

Many years ago, this plot of land was leased from the old landlord to be used presently as Mama Zhang's dog park
But because the old landlord has passed away, his successor and some of the residents from around the area have begun to have disputes with Mama Zhang
As such, Mama Zhang urgently needs to gather funds to buy the land
All the accounts are open & completely transparent, so everyone can ask Mama Zhang about it directly, no worries
The [Chinese] New Year is coming, and everyone will be receiving red packets. I hope that everyone can at least take out the very smallest packet from the many red packets you'll receive, and use that smallest red packet to help Mama Zhang & help these three to four hundred over dogs and cats
To give them a home of their own, to not be chased away again & to live their lives happily

Account to be specifically used for buying land

Bank: 013 Cathay United Bank
Account number: 1090-3500-7301
Recipient: New Taipei City New Life Pet Shelter Association
(If you need a receipt for your donation, please provide your identification number, telephone number, address, name, the last 5 digits of your account number as well as the amount donated)

If you have any questions, you can send a message directly to "Mama Zhang's House Of Stray Animals"

Thank you all for reading through such a long essay, if it's possible, I hope that everyone can share it
I'm going to do some work, I'll see you at the KKBOX Music Awards on Sunday then!!

I am Magic Power Kaikai
I support

t/n: One of the comments Kai left on the post says:
Everyone, please take out your smallest red packet [i.e. as a donation], [because that] tiny packet can also be filled with lots of love! I believe that if you guys explain to your parents where this red packet is going towards, your parents will feel pleased with you

In comments under the post, Kai posted these 2 pictures:

Here comes the stacks of "yellow gold"~~.

Will you guys be willing to help share this [post]? To help [other] mixed breed buddies like me

Translated by i-MPF

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